The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9, what is the new band that threatens Rick?

Cinema 13 February, 2017

A few hours after the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, we ask the first questions about the mid-season premiere! Watch out for spoilers.
Rick is finally back in Season 7 of The Walking Dead and after offering you our review of the mid-season premiere, you are given some answers on the mystery of the end of the episode. Attention if you have not seen “Rock in the Road”, this article will contain spoilers! In episode 9, Rick, Michonne and the others try to recruit the residents of the Hilltop and Kingdom communities unsuccessfully because of the reluctance of Gregory and Ezekiel, but the men and weapons they need may well Be found elsewhere. As they seek Father Gabriel, the group falls on a new hostile community that puts them at stake . They all land out of nowhere and give them a little idea of ​​who it might be. It’s been a while since we’ve been talking about the Garbage Kids, Les Garbage Kids, which Rick was scheduled to meet in Episode 10 from the official synopsis unveiled by AMC .
With their stained clothes and their childish faces, it is possible to imagine that it is this new community that Rick has found and with it a possible solution for the assault that he wants to launch against Negan and the Saviors. Obviously for now the Garbage Kids do not really look like allies and they may also have no particular motivation to put themselves in danger but Rick will perhaps succeed in convincing them . Moreover, Father Gabriel could also have a role to play in this because it is thanks to him that Tara, Aaron and the others found this new group. With a little game of track quickly deciphered by Rick, Father Gabriel drew them out of Alexandria and directly at the Garbage Kids. But how did he find this group? It is possible that everything is linked to the pairs of shoes seen in the episodes of the first part of the season.
A pair is present not far from Aaron and Rick when they go for food and we know thanks to the producers that it is the same pair that one sees observing Alexandria in the mid-season Final, while Father Gabriel stands guard. Could it be that the person who spies Alexandria is a Garbage Boy and has asked Father Gabriel for help? And as a good Christian, it is hard to imagine Father Gabriel letting children die of hunger … One wonders all the same why he would have brought back their weapons when clearly this is not what they lack most. But the plot of Father Gabriel is still very mysterious and we hope to have some answers in the next episodes. In any case, we can not wait to get a little closer to these children to see if they could be allies or if they will be added to Rick’s list of enemies. While waiting to learn more, the synopses of episodes 10 to 13 of season 7 of The Walking Dead are available on melty! And do you think they could be allies?