The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9, what is this strange creature at the end of the trailer?

In the promotional video of episode 9 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, we find Rick close to a strange creature! What is it about ?
A new threat? While we révélions why Negan thus called in season 7 of The Walking Dead , we also ask questions about the result of the show of AMC . Indeed, we could see a first trailer of Mid-season premiere showing that Rick and the others set up a plan to kill Negan, but this video has not failed to surprise to fans around the world, including some readers of melty. Involved, the final seconds showing Rick turning his head, pretending to look for something, while a creature covered in spades comes dangerously close to him. What is it about ? After rangers, other threats will they put the lives of our heroes in danger? Obviously not, this thing is only a walker almost entirely stripped and fitted with a helmet covered with spikes and with many metal rods in his body. It seems there is no way that a walker could look like this without outside help: it was turned into even more dangerous weapon and made the real question is: who did this?
The first idea would be that this walker is one of the Sanctuary of protection elements. Indeed, We Have seen many zombies were there as a means of protection. Only, even if the theory is interesting, the place does not look like the home of Negan. The other possibility is that the walker is linked to the mysterious unknown. Recall that Robert Kirkman said that this person (or people) are a huge threat in the second half of the season and what could be more dangerous than creating a legion of armed walkers? Although we do not know exactly what is going on with this zombie, it does not bode well for Rick and the others. Recently, we wondered what would happen to Eugene later in the season 7 of The Walking Dead! What do you think of this strange zombie?

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