The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9, why did Rick smile?

While Season 7 episode 9 of The Walking Dead just aired on AMC, Scott Gimple took the time to explain why Rick had smiled at a frankly dramatic moment!
They are back ! And yes the meltynauts, after several weeks of absence, the most badass characters of American television were finally back in order to propose us to follow their new adventures. While Melty’s editor suggested that you discover our critic of Season 7 episode 9 of The Walking Dead , this new installment ended on a Rick Grimes finally able to smile. Yet the situation did not seem to be conducive to such an explosion of joy. But then, why did our hero choose that particular moment to smile when he had not done it for so long? Scott Gimple took the time to tell us more during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter :
Indeed, our favorite characters spent a good part of the episode trying to find a solution to convince other groups to join them in tackling Negan. Unfortunately, they did not succeed. This armed and determined group is therefore a chance for them to be more numerous against the Saviors: “It is a very interesting story and we will not let the viewers wait in order to know more. We will try to put some humor into the situations that will involve our characters, and they will discover a lot of fun.

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