The Walking Dead Season 7: Episodes 10 to 13, what will happen in the sequel?

Cinema 7 February, 2017

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has not yet resumed that we already know more about what will happen in the next episodes.
After weeks, the wait is soon over and there are only a few days left before knowing what awaits us on the return of Rick and the others. While we were to list there are few 5 things you do not want to see in future episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead is this time we will see what we will talk. AMC has indeed unveiled the titles and official synopsis of the episodes 10, 11, 12 and 13 and thus enables us to have a glimpse of what is coming in the season. Watch out for spoilers if you do not want to know. After the first mid-season, episode 10 entitled “New Best Friends” will be released on 19 February and will tell the meeting between Rick and a new community . Indeed, the group, while they are looking for an inhabitant of Alexandria, will fall on another group different from everything they have seen so far and we need no more to imagine that ‘Garbage Kids’, this group of young people living in a landfill.
Episode 11 is titled “Hostile and Calamities” and we will show the quest for Alexandrien in the world ever more mysterious and terrifying Saviors. After his abduction, it is assumed that it will be difficult for the adaptation of Eugene this new group that wants that their manufactures ammunition . In episode 12 entitled “Say Yes” , the group will leave the resources of research while at Alexandria, a particular character will make a difficult decision morally. Difficult to guess who it might be the moment no further details … Finally episode 13 is titled “Bury Me Here” and should offer us the voltage lot since according to the synopsis, things Will go badly when the inhabitants of the Kingdom go to meet the Saviors to give them their usual quota of resources. In other words, we can already expect a conflict and as the end of the season approaches, the more the situation should be tense. Waiting to find out more, Norman Reedus (Daryl) to tease the return of an essential element in the rest of the season 7 of The Walking Dead . What do you think ?