The Walking Dead Season 7: Eugene and Rosita soon as a couple?

Cinema 15 November, 2016

Warning, spoilers. Eugene and Rosita together soon? If we stick to the comic book, the couple should make its appearance in season 7 of The Walking Dead.
Attention, this article contains spoilers if you are not up to date in the series. In the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 7, Rick led to believe Negan that Maggie is dead , and this lie may cost him dear … Of course, it is not. Now that Glenn is no more, there remains a lot of couples in survivors. There are Rick and Michonne, maybe Carol and Ezekiel, or Rosita and Spencer. But these two should not last. Indeed, according to the original comic book, the last of Monroe could lose their lives in the mid-season of the series. In the comics by Robert Kirkman, he decided to betray Rick for Negan, but he kills him with a knife to police in Alexandria. But most important to note in the comic is that after the death of Abraham, Miss Espinosa finds comfort in the arms of Eugene! Yes yes, you read right! Geek to the mullet cut is in love with Rosita long and, in the comic book in any case, his greatest desire finally fulfill. Questioned by the site ComicBook , actress Christian Serratos has left some doubt, although it acknowledges not knowing what will happen.
“I think it would be really interesting, but I also think it would be interesting if it does not happen,” says the actress Christian Serratos with humor and mystery. If we stick to the comic book by Robert Kirkman, the relationship between Eugene and Rosita does not last forever. Their marriage finally breaks when Rosita becomes pregnant, then that Eugene is not the father … She does not know where are his feelings, but wants him still forgive and raise this child as his own. Then Rosita is chosen at random and killed by the whisperers, and his head planted on a stake … Help! You know, the AMC series has not always followed the intrigues of comics, but it would be interesting to see the two characters closer despite their differences, after the death of Spencer why not. Or even before! For many, the Rosita / Spencer couple did not much future in The Walking Dead Season 7, hope it leaves a chance to malignant Eugene. In the last episode aired, she arrived home and asked him to make a ball. Do you think this is the beginning of a romance?