The Walking Dead Season 7: Eugene, what will it become?

Cinema 13 December, 2016

Following the events of mid-season Finale of The Walking Dead, which will become Eugene in the second half of the season 7?

And now ? Gradually, we learn more about episode 9 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, as evidenced by the first excerpt in which the unknown is back , unveiled by AMC . Nevertheless, it remains unknown: that Eugene will become now that he was kidnapped by Negan? In this plot, the comics do not help us, because nothing like this happens to the character, but what we are certain of is that he will not be reserved for him the same treatment as Daryl . Indeed, man has nothing of a soldier and does not represent the same interest Negan. Moreover, it would be for us more qu’ennuyant to follow a similar plot. However, Eugene, by his talents garment maker, did not fail to arouse the curiosity of the Shrine of the leader. Indeed, Eugene known to manufacture bullets, a material that in the world of The Walking Dead is forcing more and more scarce and with the actions of Saviors, we can be sure that their stock is exhausted to the point that in becomes dangerous for them.
It is on this path that we see Eugene: he will direct a munitions factory for Saviors, as it does for our survivors in the comics. However, Negan probably fail to spend some time torturing him psychologically. While Eugene is intelligent, it is not hard either mentally or emotionally. Will it be completely broken before as Alexandria can win the war? Will he accept his new life and do what you tell him? Or, will he become stronger and surprise everyone with evolution as a tease him Robert Kirkman? We will have to wait to find out! Anyway, even if this new kidnapping does not lack aroused our interest, we regret that the Eugene history does not follow the comics. Also, we have plenty to fear the worst and the character suffers the death of Holly . The latter was transformed into zombie intentionally by Saviors before being returned to Alexandria, with a bag over his head, hiding his transfer, so Denise died bitten. Eugene He will take this death and become a stalker? Nothing is less impossible! While waiting to learn more, see our three shocking moments of the episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead! What fate awaits Eugene as you?