The Walking Dead Season 7: Glenn, Abraham, Olivia … recap ‘all the dead of the season!

Cinema 9 April, 2017

It’s been a week since season 7 of The Walking Dead is over and we offer you a short summary of all the characters who have left us this season.
That’s it, Season 7 of The Walking Dead is over and after a review , it’s a summary that we now propose to come back to all the characters who died in this season. Obviously, watch out for spoilers if you have not seen all the episodes. Since his first season, The Walking Dead has not been this year’s tender with his characters and many of them have perished in episodes that we have discovered since October. The two most important deaths are obviously those of Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) who were killed by Negan .
In addition to these two iconic characters of which one has already been seen and Glenn who could return in The Walking Dead according to Scott Gimple , it is also other known faces that have disappeared . In Alexandria the victims were numerous and it is therefore Olivia, Spencer and Sasha that we will not see again. On the side of the Sanctuary, the Saviors suffered some losses, including the death of “Fat Joey” during the flight of Daryl, that of Dr. Carson, or that of David, the Savior who tried to rape Sasha, Is therefore killed by Negan. Finally the other communities were not spared and the Kingdom had to bid farewell to Benjamin and Richard in the same episode . To this list of personages – named – who die in season 7 s’ Also add two unknowns: Heath and Sherry. The two characters disappeared from the series under mysterious circumstances and wondered if we would ever see them again. In any case the record this season was rather heavy even if we expected more deaths. But with the war looming on the horizon, season 8 of The Walking Dead may well hurt … What do you think?