The Walking Dead Season 7: Glenn Rhee, the fan letter!

Cinema 10 November, 2016

True phenomenon in recent years, The Walking Dead was to be one of my letters. Glenn Rhee, this is for you!

amc-the-walking-dead-twd-glenn-rhee-personnageAs promised I’ll see you on Thursday with a new letter. After my return to Amelia Shepherd Grey’s Anatomy last month , I decided this week to forget the medical world to immerse myself in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead . I’ll tell you a secret, unlike a lot of people this series never fascinated me so much that I struggle to be updated. Season 6, here I am! But I cling because basically there is something that makes me want to know what happened. Before I give you a small view of the answer to the latecomers who could possibly fall on one or several spoilers. The caution! I continued the series because it is his character that I did not give up one in particular. Glenn Rhee, you’re my person of the month.

If I’ve learned one thing with you is that you should never underestimate the appearance of a person. Far from talking about the physical, strictly speaking, it is your puny side who deceived me. Looking at pictures of the characters I had made a small prognosis. For me it was clear, from the writers The Walking Dead would make you one of their first victims. It was not very smart of me to think that because you have demonstrated your resourcefulness from the pilot and the seasons. No need to be badass like Daryl to face a horde of zombies. On the contrary, I understood that we could replace the big guys with a little gumption to get out. And fortunately that was part of your personality because you had a bunch of undead to face.

Thou hast given me want to continue the series because I wanted to see how, over time, your survival instinct would manifest in every event that your group going through. Then you met Maggie and when love comes in my blue flower next spring easily. I was therefore particularly interested in what would happen to the bond between you. You fell on a young woman with a strong character but it did not prevent you from taking your role as protector very seriously. It also elsewhere when you’ve needed. I really think that your meeting with Maggie was the starting point of a new you, a kind of rebirth. I discovered a Glenn more assertive, brave and ready to everything to save his family, his girlfriend first. The incredible adventure and appalling in which thou hast found thee transformed. However, if Glenn’s departure not really resembles that of season 6, you never switched to the dark side, at least from what I’ve seen yet.

Despite being late in the series I know that your fate is now sealed. I have to make my mind that Glenn is no longer of this world. At the same time what took me to go on social networks the day after the release of The Walking Dead 7×01 , I still wonder! The damage is done and if the new me spoil the suspense, it will have at least the merit to prepare myself psychologically for your absence in the future . For now I cling to these few remaining episodes of season 6. With a little luck and like every time I watch Titanic, I hope that the course of history changes. After that, it tells me that I am pessimistic. Rest in peace Glenn.
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