The Walking Dead Season 7: How much time has passed since we met Dwight?

Cinema 11 November, 2016

The Walking Dead is not evolving at the same pace as his 7 seasons / years. Hence the question, how much time has elapsed since Daryl met Dwight (scarless)?
Attention, this article contains spoilers if you are not up to date in the series . We know that Daryl feels responsible for the death of Glenn since episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 7 , but we still do not know why Dwight is so mean to him? It seems to be kind of hidden, but still … Let him take to Negan now and it saves Daryl for real! Remember, the two characters are crossed for the first time during Season 6, for a special episode Daryl as we like. They played a bit at first it is true, but eventually everyone seemed nice. Although Dwight has piqued the bike and Crossbow Daryl … In short, there is some resentment between the two boys, we will not say otherwise. But the question we ask today is how time has passed in the series since the first time we met Dwight? Some clues dissimilated the nice Negan: Glenn and Abraham took the time to blow up the skull, above all, Dwight had time to burning the face and heal well enough! If we stick to the chronology of the site WalkingDead.wikia , it seems to be … drum roll … exactly 77 days.
77 days for 11-12 episodes? Yes, about two months and two weeks elapsed between the episode 6 of season 6 episode 1 and Season 7. It is a lot going on in less than three months! So you can do the math, Judith should take about 11 months and the entire history of the series lasts for 1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. Last night on melty, we revealed the favorite time of Robert Kirkman, author of The Walking Dead . And it turns out that it was not a trash issue of his comic book! It could have been the killing of Glenn or the Global War against Negan, but no. It seems that Robert Kirkman has a soft spot for the young Carl … Anyway, we must distinguish the comic and the series because they are two quite different stories. For example, and you know, Daryl Dixon does not exist in the comics and that’s the famous character Dwight crossbow . In the series at least we know where he draws his gun this little thief’s face burned! The episode 4 of the new season TWD will air next Sunday as usually and we finally know if Negan Daryl decides to kill … And you, do you know how much time has passed since we met Dwight?