The Walking Dead Season 7: How would he react Merle face Negan?

Cinema 26 November, 2016

While The Walking Dead 7 season continues in full swing on AMC, the site ComicBook had the opportunity to interview Michael Rooker Negan on the case!

the-walking-dead-saison-6-merle-dixonMerle could he bear the authority of Negan? And yes meltynautes, it’s a long time that the talented Michael Rooker left The Walking Dead but nobody forgot Merle and his violent temper and somewhat obnoxious. Moreover, since the disappearance of his brother, Daryl has become one of Rick rights arm and things quickly escalated to our heroes especially since Negan vowed to bring them to heel. While the editorial ‘of melty announced that the hearings of the season 7 of The Walking Dead continue to fall , Michael Rooker has agreed to talk in an interview with the site ComicBook . And the least we can say is that the actor seems to understand the philosophy of Negan : “If your name Negan, everything you say is necessarily cool.” But Michael Rooker admits that her character would probably have tried something against the Big Bad of season 7:
“I do not know if Robin has accepted and supported to see his friends tortured.” But then, would he have any advice for Daryl to help confront Negan? “I do not think he would listen. this is a super tough guy and he’s so stubborn. ” one thing is certain, since the disappearance of Robin, Rick and the others are left solely guided by their principles and we are almost certain that Merle would be great integrated into the current group. How will the situation of our favorite characters during this season when their nerves are strained? Can they find a way to break free from the grip of Negan? Answers in the next episodes. Pending more information, be aware that the death of Carl may have been teasée in 7 of The Walking Dead season. What do you think of the confidences of Michael Rooker?