The Walking Dead Season 7: Is it already time to stop the show?

Cinema 10 November, 2016

7 The Walking Dead season is not over yet we are already questions about the future of the series and a possible end.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-fin-serie-dernierPending the issuance of the next episode and after Norman Reedus (Daryl) came back in the picture that gives Dwight in episode 3 of season 7 of The Walking Dead , we are now interested in the series as a whole and especially to an end. Like all good things, the creation inspired by comics Robert Kirkman will just end one day but some wonder if she has not already had to stop . If at melty it is thought that the plot of Negan worth well worth the continue for one or two seasons, so we know we will keep a favorite memory of The Walking Dead so producers know to stop time rather than complete the series by obligation after falling hearings due to the fatigue viewers. Furthermore AMC has already left the choice to the showrunners of two of its flagship series – Breaking Bad and Mad Men – to stop when they wanted despite their always excellent ratings, allowing them to refine the end and meet the fans, and could thus start for The Walking Dead.

Despite a still undeniable success and successful episodes at the beginning of the seventh season, we must admit that the series still some flaws that lead some to think she would have already had to stop. The first of them is the absence of increasingly marked by “walking dead”. If we always knew that the show was centered around the characters and their evolution rather than the zombies, you have to admit it’s still one of its attractions and the more we advance, the less they are perceived as a threat . The walkers are now part of the scenery and intrigue and a little regret it chills you may have during tense scenes between survivors and zombies. For some, it is the rhythm that becoming an issue among breathtaking episodes and others that serve as transitions and lead inevitably some disappointments after we shook with anguish. Other fans point the finger at the repetition of certain intrigues circling.

We think of those of Carol or Rick. The little game that Carol pretends to be a harmless old lady was clever and funny at first, but becomes tiresome in the long run. – Although seen its effectiveness, it is understood that it continues to use and it is the same for Rick seems stuck in a cycle between leader and accomplished man shot in the mental health frontier . Certainly these cycles are not perfectly identical and are always evolve the characters but we must admit we hope to have some surprises this season. Even at the global level, the series is only following a group fighting against zombies, find a safe place and it installs not without losing some of its members, is overrun by zombies or a powerful enemy and is found to fight against zombies, find a safe place and so on.

Obviously the series has been pretty good so far so we still love to follow his characters and see them survive. Furthermore evolution and our commitment to them make us always look forward to seeing them every Sunday. To think that The Walking Dead could be ending soon not to be always keeps us as fans and it is partly our affection for series which makes us hope that it will end in beauty rather than leaving us disappointed and jaded . Still, the arrival of Negan should give it a revamp as it is the first time the group is not the strongest and this new position should lead to interesting intrigues below. In all cases we just hope that the series will keep a good level, whether for 2 or 10 seasons. Waiting to know, find out why you should not hate Dwight in season 7 of The Walking Dead! And you, what do you think?