The Walking Dead Season 7: Laura and Arat, who are the two new Saviors of Negan?

Cinema 12 November, 2016

Season 7 of The Walking Dead continues and makes us discover new enough intriguing characters, two young women on which tells you more. Warning, spoilers.
After you have proposed to see Daryl back to Alexandria in an excerpt from episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead , now small return on the new characters of the season. The latest news cast have indeed informed us that two actresses had joined the series and it remains for us to ask what could be their role in future episodes and in the intrigues of the suite. We know Lindsley Register will play Laura and Elizabeth Ludlow embody Arat. According to Robert Kirkman comics, Laura should not happen so early but we know the usual writers to upset a little timeline of the series to spice things up. Beware of spoilers on comics in the future. Indeed Laura, a prominent member of the Saviors, is supposed to happen after the dismissal from Negan when Dwight became leader and ally of Rick . Some were able to quickly see at the beginning of episode 3 playing with Dwight.
Arat in turn should logically play “Tara” as its name suggests reversed. We know the names of the characters are sometimes changed to avoid confusion, as has been the case for Paul “Jesus” Monroe comics who became Paul “Jesus” Rovia so viewers know that it is not related to Deanna and his family. Arat should happen in episode 4 of The Walking Dead and be, too, a key member of Saviors. Far from being an ally in the comics, Tara tries to capture Jesus and proves to be rather reluctant to collaborate with Rick when Saviors combine with him and his group . The question is whether in the series, will Arat as Tara or her role will be a little different. Both arrivals should allow us to better know the Saviors and they function well while advancing the plot. While waiting to learn more about Arat and Laura discover scores of the season 7 of The Walking Dead with the hearings of “The Cell” . What do you think of these newcomers?