The Walking Dead Season 7: Lauren Cohan reveals a picture of Maggie and her new weapon of choice!

Cinema 24 November, 2016

Lauren Cohan aka Maggie posted on Instagram a picture of her posing with his new weapon of mass destruction for that season 7 of The Walking Dead. Picture !

the-walking-dead-saison-7-lauren-cohan-armeMaggie more massive and dangerous than ever! The badass character played by Lauren Cohan has always been the favorite figures of fans of The Walking Dead since its first appearance in Season 2. However, since the return of the series, and especially “Go Getters” episode 5 of season 7 aired last Sunday, the young widow of Glenn has reached a new milestone symbolized by its new weapon of choice: a monster tractor . A vehicle capable of reducing slurry anyone would stand in his way. Comfortably installed behind the glass of his cockpit, Maggie did not seem to fear of evil and have found the parade to continue fighting while protecting her unborn baby. Because yes it is still waiting for a happy event even though everyone wondered if Maggie’s baby will be born in season 7 of The Walking Dead? The mother is supposed to rest and take care of her while she foments revenge-without thank you against Saviors who killed the father of her child. If the series the situation is serious, in real life, Lauren Cohan seems to enjoy his new toy as evidenced by the photo below, she published Tuesday on his account Instagram.
Lauren Cohan appears there, a smile on his lips, sitting on the gente of a giant tractor tire. Since Maggie is expected to remain several months in the grounds of the Hill near her gynecologist, it is not impossible that she again need to use this massive Zombie destruction weapon and Saviors (when circumstances permit, it is certain). It’s really a nice shot from writers who have found the perfect weapon for this, remember, farmer’s daughter! His intervention to stop the intrusion of Walkers orchestrated Negan really marked the minds of the inhabitants of the Hill now convinced of its ability to protect them. Now that she has been able to win against Gregory, it seems that it is only a matter of time before Maggie takes control! But before that, discover melty on the end of season 7 of The Walking Dead teasée by Scott Gimple … in your opinion, is this weapon made for her?