The Walking Dead season 7: Less violence following criticism? Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple answer!

Cinema 24 January, 2017

Is Season 7 of The Walking Dead less violent than expected? Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple explain.
Geez, even during his winter break, the show zombies remains at the heart of debates ! The question of the moment: Producers of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, they decreased violence following the criticism ? A question that irritates more than one else (yes, it’s you talk)! Between those who defend the series until death, those who would not be against a little more gore or those who were shocked, nothing goes any more. If you were afraid that address critical and falls hearings, The Walking Dead is assagisse, rest assured it is not in the agenda for Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple . However, the producer Gale Anne Hurd confessed a few days ago to have a little clamed the game in the episodes of this start of season 7 … Uh? Put yourself in agreement with the guys!
Unlike Hurd, the duo Gimple / Nicotero, denies having taken into account public criticism . Asked about the violence in season 7 of The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple explained: “In the Season Premiere was very high for a reason (…) I do not think that’s the level that. we must find throughout the show! ” as for Greg Nicotero, he says. no” ” the brutality was not diminished following criticism: ” I do not think we should censor , Even if it was hard for the public, I do not think we should have done otherwise. Honestly, it was never successful … ” .
You will understand, no question of censoring the show to please the critics ! The important thing is to be faithful to the history, to the essence of the show. What about the scenes that we found somewhat watered down in the continuation of season 7 (the iron, the death of Olivia …)? Well Gimple simply explained that sometimes it is better to play on the public imagination: “Greg Nicotero is the best special effects in the world but you do not see, what you imagine, can be much more horrible. The iron scene is a very good example! ” . So who would believe? We’ll let you make your choice! And waiting for the return of the series on February 12, find the latest spoilers about season 7 of The Walking Dead .