The Walking Dead Season 7: Less violence to turn the hearings?

Cinema 19 January, 2017

Dirty time for The Walking Dead! Faced with the criticisms and the drop of the audiences in this season 7, exit the scenes of violence?
We all remember the Season Premiere of Season 7 of The Walking Dead . We were expecting it, we had imagined a hundred times and finally it was worse than any level violence (some even make nightmares, we will not quote anyone). We wanted to get our money’s worth and we were clearly not disappointed. Still, many have criticized the series following the terrible times orchestrated by Negan and since the hearings make the mouth in that season 7 of The Walking Dead . If some people think that the following episodes have lacked interest and that focusing each chapter on a community / character was a mistake, others believe that it was precisely the hyper-violence of Season Premiere that caused Wrong to the series … The fragile !?
Faced with the many criticisms and to go back these damned hearings, the producers of the series have confessed to have somewhat calmed their cravings of gore. Gale Anne Hurd said: “We have seen people’s comments on the Season Premiere of violence level and took account after we calmed the game for episodes we were still filming … . ” . It is true that the dead Mid-season Finale of Season 7 of The Walking Dead (Spencer, Olivia and Joey Fat) have left their hungry followers of many dirty tricks. So she will pay this tactic during the return of the series on February 12 ? Will the hearings go back? Answer very soon. And you then, for or against the overflow of violence in The Walking Dead?