The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan, 5 things you did not know about it! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 11 November, 2016

Before seeing Negan a visit to Alexandria in episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, discover 5 things about the leader of Saviors. Beware of spoilers from the comics!
7 The Walking Dead season continues and after you have released a new clip of episode 4 where Daryl is back in Alexandria , it’s Negan we are interested now. The leader of the Saviors, as charismatic as cruel, is brilliantly interpreted by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and still fascinates us most every appearance on the small screen. History to become familiar with the character, Comicbook listed some info about him that you may not know. Let’s start with the basics before a bat stained with blood, Lucille was the wife of Negan. Pre-Apocalypse, Negan cheated on his wife with another before learning that Lucille was seriously ill. The latter died before the zombies will arrive and it is in his memory that Negan called his Lucille bat that is, literally, the love of his life. The second thing to know is that Negan hates rapists. In the most complete contradiction to his other crimes, the leader of the Saviors does not tolerate rape and punishes whoever is accused . Redeeming feature for some, total irony for others.
The third fact is now known about Negan viewers: Negan is honest, very honest, and sometimes too, to the point of being shocking. Negan does not hesitate to tell the truth, even his worst enemies, which does not fail to take them by surprise and can sometimes give him an advantage. Beware of spoilers on US comics below. Now about accessories and more specifically his famous leather jacket. Comics readers have recently learned that in addition to giving it the class, his jacket protected the bites walkers. While it fights against the Whisperers in comics by Robert Kirkman, Negan loses his gun and found himself attacked from all sides by zombies. He realizes that none of them has managed to pierce the leather of his jacket that just saved his life. Finally, and again attention to spoilers, the last thing to know about him is that he is not inherently bad . Also according to the BD, Negan finally “see the light” and side with Rick as to help him defeat the Whisperers. Like what the character is still full of surprises and waiting to see him on screen, discover new details on following the 7 of The Walking Dead season on melty! What do you think?