The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan he will attack Alexandria learning leakage SPOILER?

Cinema 14 December, 2016

The wait began and to wait until the rest of the season 7 of The Walking Dead, one wonders if Negan will still make a killing when he has learned the leak SPOILER.
Sunday night AMC aired the last episode of the first part of the 7 of The Walking Dead season and continue to wonder what might happen in future episodes focusing today on a particular event: the escape Daryl Dixon. After several days of torture orchestrated by Dwight at the Sanctuary, Daryl escaped through a mysterious aid and then returned to Hilltop with Jesus came locate the area on behalf of Sasha. During his escape, Daryl took the opportunity to take revenge on “Fat Joe” who was in the wrong place at the wrong time . We know how Negan not like to control things and we also know that the crimes against his men do not go unpunished, although Carl is in pretty good shot at its own intrusion into the den of Saviors.
Since he was in Alexandria to escort and Carl get his “due”, Negan is not yet aware of the flight of his hostage or death of one of his men. One suspects that soon he will return to the Shrine, the new risk of shock and could put him in a black rage . It may indeed it is not only angry but also against Daryl against his men, especially Dwight who was responsible for monitoring. Dwight he will be entitled to a new punishment? And is that this could be the straw that breaks the camel to convince him to side with Rick and his group rather than continue to live subject to Negan? We’ll see, but the question that worries us most is whether, when he discovers that Daryl fled, Negan decide to attack Alexandria to find him and get revenge.
Daryl was supposed to serve as security to ensure that Negan Rick’s group would not make otherwise stupidity never see him again alive. Obviously this did not prevent things from slipping in the final mid-season. Although Rick has finally decided to go on the offensive, we can not help thinking that he has every incentive to quickly find weapons and nothing to defend because Negan has everything you need for this and if he decides to return to attack as soon as it learned of the leak Daryl, we can already expect a massacre. Obviously it is possible that the leader of the Saviors imagine a more cruel way to revenge and therefore take some time . In all cases we really doubt that the loss of his hostage – he seemed to enjoy more – goes unpunished and that promises a second half of the season rather agitated. Until know, Norman Reedus and Robert Kirkman have Tease on to Daryl, Carol and others in season 7 of The Walking Dead . And you, do you think Negan will attack?