The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan kills Daryl, Michonne and all the others in video!

Cinema 25 May, 2017

While waiting for season 8 of The Walking Dead, discover all the scenes of the massacre of Negan turned by the production to avoid the spoilers …
The season 8 of The Walking Dead is far and continue to wonder who will die afterwards because each season brings new dramas. But until we know which characters will make their last breath in the next episodes, we propose you today to see those who could have spent there in the season premiere of season 7. As fans know, the production team Of The Walking Dead has shot as many scenes of death as characters present to sow confusion among fans and blur the trails as to the real victims of Negan. Those who followed the news during the hiatus know that these measures do not ‘
Daryl, Michonne, Carl … almost all the characters pass, all except Rick Grimes whose death has not been filmed, or has not been added to this little video of the most gore. We can see that even if they knew they were not going to die, the actors do everything to make the scene very credible and the presence of blood makes things rather realistic. It must be said that the massacres of Glenn and Abraham were as sickening as possible, to the point of creating many polemics about the violence of the series and what she wants to show us . In any case we are happy that Glenn and Abraham were the only victims since the Saviors and especially Negan could have attacked more survivors than that. While waiting to see them all take their revenge in the next episodes, discover Rick, Daryl and Carol surrounded by zombies on pictures of the season 8 shoot of The Walking Dead . What do you think of this video ?