The Walking Dead season 7: New mysterious images unveiled, what can we deduce?

Cinema 6 January, 2017

While Season 7 of The Walking Dead continues its winter break, the promotion resumes for AMC which unveils new mysterious images. What can we deduce from this?
Intriguing! Season 7 of The Walking Dead, whose promo pictures of episode 9 have just arrived, will only return on February 12! Meanwhile, the promotion continues and today it is a series of 14 images all more enigmatic than the others that reach us. These do not show any of the characters, focusing on various objects, places and walkers, which we should see in the new episodes. Currently, AMC has given no information as to when these images will make sense. However, some lend to interpretation like that showing a lot of nuts, similar to the ones Carol uses to show her adopted daughters how to roast them in season 4. Another shows the shadows of some of our survivors pointing their weapons. Although it is difficult to identify anyone, it seems that one of them belongs to Rick Grimes . The classic posture combined with the case on the hip can only be to someone else. The mystery is more compact as the army of plastic ducks spread out on a table.
Among these images we see a freshly dug grave. Should we see the announcement of the death of one of our heroes? Probably. We have often talked about who might succumb, while Rick and his group are preparing to declare war on Negan and the Saviors. Everyone is in danger, but we think Sacha could be the one who will die in the season 7 of The Walking Dead . Her story seems to be coming to an end and she begins to act in a sacrificial way. Added to the fact that in the comics, Holly, Abraham’s lover was killed during the recent plot and cast of Sonequa Martin in Star Trek: Discovery , this tomb might be hers. Nevertheless, we can also say that this hole is intended for the body of a less important character, such as Fat Joey, or even one of the characters from the new group teased by Robert Kirkman. Be that as it may, we are anxious to know to whom this tomb is destined.
A final image is particularly relevant to us. It shows a set of dynamites connected together by a cord. Recall that Fat Joey was supposed to be in charge of redirecting a horde of walkers away from the Sanctuary and in this dynamic he says he will use explosives. This artisanal manufacture could serve for this purpose. Moreover, the fact that this deadly set does not need to be hidden accentuates the idea that it is meant for walkers. If this idea is correct, the question is whether Fat Joey will have time to finish before you rest in peace . Recently, we revealed you spying Alexandria in season 7 of The Walking Dead! What do you think of these images?