The Walking Dead Season 7: Norman Reedus (Daryl) returns to the photo of Dwight gives SPOILER

Cinema 9 November, 2016

A few days after the broadcast of “The Cell”, Norman Reedus says that Daryl felt when Dwight gives him the photo.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-3-the-cellMeanwhile episode 4, we continue to analyze episode 3 aired last Sunday on AMC and after we asked who was Sherry’s wife Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead , is now back on the polaroid that Dwight gave Daryl in “the Cell” and made him cry. Indeed it was difficult to have a clear view of the picture even if one suspects that few things could have caused such a reaction at Daryl. After Assume the raid Rick and his group in one of the bases Saviours that Negan guard polaroids of all victims of Lucille and that it is therefore a picture of the body of Glenn post-massacre Dwight tends to Daryl in his cell . Suffice to say that the shock was at the rendezvous and Norman Reedus benefited from an interview with Entertainment Weekly to return to the kind of work that requires such a scene.
“I think part of me is always ready to crack, every day. Being in a series like this for so long, we reach a point where it’s not so difficult to play a character that dark. C is even harder to come back than to go sometimes ” . in other words, the moral must be difficult to keep to the players, especially with the plot of season 7 . fortunately the atmosphere on set and understanding between all team members serve as supporting actors. “the team is great and it was a very nice tray, you feel comfortable and everyone trusted. So it feels confident enough to indulge in difficult scenes and we know we can rely on each other for comfort ” . This is probably due to this that the actors offer us ever more remarkable performances, beginning with Andrew Lincoln (Rick) in the season premiere. Waiting to see new acommodations scenes, discover the link between Daryl story and comic The Walking Dead on melty! What do you think?