The Walking Dead Season 7: Our review of the mid-season!

Cinema 14 December, 2016

A few days after the broadcast of the final mid-season of Season 7 of The Walking Dead is time to take stock of the first part!
Winter is as they say, and winter hiatus is about to settle on our small screens. That means one thing: it is the day of reckoning! After being raised as to whether the death of Joey could put Rick Negan and other endangered in the 7B season of The Walking Dead , so this is a small return on the 8 episodes aired so far that offers now. Feel free to share your own opinion in the comments below to tell us what you thought . As usual, The Walking Dead offered a season premiere and a final mid-season to par. Between the death of Glenn suspected but heartbreaking, that of Abraham, the amazing submission of Rick and the return of hope in episode 8, the emotion was at the rendezvous. But it’s a little problem with the latest seasons of the series: four episodes stand (first season, mid-season finale, the first mid-season and final season) and we are left with mixed episodes in the middle.
This was especially true for the first part of Season 7 that we cruised in many communities and has inevitably been a problem at the rate level. The expected introduction of Ezekiel was put aside very quickly and intrigues have advanced more slowly until the last two episodes of the first part in which everything went aircraft accelerated. We hope so see this rate change in the second half of the season although obviously this does not mean that the episodes of the first part have offended us . Some also deserve a special mention as episode 7 which not only presented the Shrine more completely than the episode centered on Dwight, but also showed us Negan in its environment while giving Carl a plot detached from his father who has developed quite the character.
Tara also is back in focus episode that took us to the seaside in the Oceanside community. If the plot has been a bit light, it still offered a nice interlude in the midst of all the drama of the season. Besides the issues of this episode remain important because the community has a well-stocked armory that any interest for Rick and his group now they want to attack. The question is whether Tara will tell them more or not … It is a first part of the season made good surprises and some disappointments – that are felt in the hearings – AMC has offered to us . See Rick in a weak position will really allow his character to unveil new facets but we wait to see the back of the hair of the beast below. It is also hoped that figures such as Jesus, Heath and Tara will be further exploited. Waiting to know, discover Rick and the others prepared to encounter Ezekiel in an excerpt from episode 9 of season 7 of The Walking Dead . And you, what did you think?