The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick and Daryl have they communicated secretly? The new theory of Scott Gimple!

Cinema 24 November, 2016

“The Morse Theory” about Daryl and Rick was much written these days. If Scott Gimple has denied the first, he now brings a new explanation …

the-walking-dead-saison-7-daryl-norman-reedusDaryl and Rick have they communicated in Morse, during episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead? If Scott Gimple (showrunner) denied, at first, this theory awaited by many fans , he returned to this issue in an interview with Yahoo and now offers a new interpretation of the origin of this coded exchange. “it is possible that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus have developed the surprise that was not planned in the original script ” . Indeed, the day after the broadcast of “Service”, episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead , wise observers have argued that the two characters were able to communicate in Morse code during the Alexandria bag by Saviors through their winks. The pace of Daryl eyelashes beats would mean, in Morse code “6 Miles East of Hilltop” . What many fans considered as a geographical indication of where the headquarters of Negan is located in the east of the Hill. However, Scott Gimple initially denied, not without humor, this theory: “I would love to live in a world where Daryl learned Morse code and where he knows that Rick knows decipher, and they both had time to practice with winks. ”
He then put the blinking of eyes compulsive Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon on behalf of a particularly sunny day of shooting. Scott Gimple has since made some nuances to his words. “I said that this theory was not planned by us but not that it was not real.” Damn, holds! What the head writer of TWD implies is that the actors were able, on their own, imagine that this is what their characters would do and they did it without being asked. A “wink” to the fans what! “Andy and Norman are very close in life. They talk a lot about their role. I think the fans of the theory may be correct, but it will have no consequences the rest of the story ” . So do not expect Rick to understand, in this way, where the encampment … History Saviors make you wait until Sunday discover the photo of Maggie and her new favorite weapon in season 7 of The Walking Dead posted by Lauren Cohan . What is your opinion on this story?