The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick and Michonne, what future for their marriage after the arrival of Negan?

Cinema 18 November, 2016

In full broadcast season 7 of The Walking Dead, questions arise about “Richonne” and what awaits them despite differences of opinion of Rick and Michonne.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-5-go-gettersSo we wondered there is little reason Negan had forced Rick to hold Lucille in episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead , now is the time to be interested in the impact of the big bad on the relationship Rick and Michonne. “Richonne”, which was formed in Season 6, was developed throughout previous seasons with subtle comparisons. I must say that the similarities between Rick and Michonne are numerous but their differences allow everyone to learn from each other. But with the arrival of Negan is a major difference in perspective that we have seen in the two characters and that could complicate their relationship afterwards despite the revelation of Rick on Judith’s father at the end of the episode . Danai Gurira spoke to Comicbook of what awaited them in the future. “Rick knows Michonne has a different view. She will not be a slave to these brutes, it’s not a life” . But this predicament is preferable to new dead for Rick.
“When Rick asks her if she has hidden other weapons, there is mistrust between them we have never seen before. I think when he tells her about Judith is really to help understand his state of mind. it makes it vulnerable to show him where it is because it is simply not agree with his position and why he did not budge ” . for Danai Gurira, that Rick has protected Judith and he loves her like a daughter Michonne shows how Rick is an amazing person . “that’s who he is, he sacrifices himself for others and that’s what makes a leader incredible ” . The revelation of the secret will suffice perhaps to weld their relationship and to help them through this difficult time they were considering both things so drastically opposite, between submission and rebellion. Until know, Robert Kirkman returned to the end of The Walking Dead he hopes happy. And you, what do you think?