The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick and Tara, two similar characters?

Cinema 30 November, 2016

A few days after the broadcast of an episode centered around Tara, it discusses the similarities between it and the famous leader Rick Grimes.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-tara-chambler-rickThere are some days, AMC aired episode 6 of season 7 of The Walking Dead which our criticism is always available on melty. In “Swear,” is that Tara was interested to see what she and Heath had become after leaving on a mission. Although a little uneven, this particular episode has allowed us to better get to know a character who is still somewhat under-exploited, and some users of Reddit have even found some similarities between Tara Chambler and Rick Grimes . This goes the obvious, like the fact that Tara and Rick have both had to survive by protecting a young child and stay in one place because of a family member who could not move, a few more character traits in depth. Tara was the Governor that now accounts for Rick Negan: it accepts tyranny because she knows she has no choice but biding his time.
This known position of Tara will perhaps enable it to carry Rick and the other the extent of the situation through an outside perspective. If they are at the moment all still in shock, Tara’s return could put them back on the path of survival and revenge. Because the optimism of the young woman has not escaped anyone and she and place in the continuity of what Glenn brought to the group . Rick and Tara have also both been integrated into the group with Glenn and both have benefited from its good influence. Yet this is Rick who meets Tara first, when it is still under the yoke of the Governor and Rick sees trapped, forced to obey a mad dictator. A position now reversed as soon as he returned, Tara goes to see a Rick forced into submission facing a psychopath to bat.
Moreover Rick and Tara are both courageous, loyal, sassy and with a certain moral sense even if their biggest difference is the slightly dark side of Rick against the exhilaration significant Tara – despite what happened to him. The question is whether, after the deaths of Glenn Abraham and Denise – so three people which was closest Tara – Tara will not also switch to have more in common with Rick. Episode 6 we will in any case possible to see how the character of Tara remains full of potential and we are eager to know what the writers reserving it in future episodes. Waiting to know you can find Daryl and Negan on promotional photos of episode 7 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead! And you, what do you think?