The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick finally happy in the next episodes?

Cinema 3 February, 2017

While the second part of season 7 of The Walking Dead will be launched in a few days on AMC, Scott Gimple took the time to tell us more during an interview with the site EW!
Will our hero finally be happy? And yes the meltynauts, even if the world of The Walking Dead is far from rest, we hope that Rick will one day find the peace he deserves. However, he must first defeat a Negan determined to take control of his group . While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the 5 most touching moments of The Walking Dead , Scott Gimple took advantage of an interview with the website EW to confide on the changing state of mind Rick . And the least we can say is that everything will change: “The reunion of our heroes will propel us into the second part of a very different season I can assure you that you will see Rick Grimes smile before the end. Mid-season premiere. ” A statement that will delight all the fans of the leader of the group. But that’s not all because all our heroes will advance slowly towards the plot “All Out War” comic book on which is based this season.
And it is clear that the stakes have never been higher than during the second half of the season: “. The first mid-season is a movie in itself Angela Kang wrote the episode, Greg Nicotero has realized , The casting absolutely torn everything – literally by the way – while the production team managed to bring everything together to make it something extraordinary and there were things to collect. ” One thing is certain, we are downright anxious to find all our characters for new adventures. What plan will they put in place to defeat Negan and the Saviors? We will have to wait until February 12th to have the heart of it. Pending more information, be aware that the upcoming episodes of Season 7 will be longer. What do you think of these confidences?