The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick or Negan? Norman Reedus (Daryl) makes his choice!

Cinema 27 December, 2016

During his passage in Paris, Norman Reedus lent himself to a little game of melty. So who will choose between Rick and Negan? Quickly find answers!
A few days ago, Norman Reedus surprised his fans by landing in Paris! But why, an invasion of walkers was announced in our capital? Of course not ! It is not with his faithful motorcycle and crossbow that the interpreter Daryl arrived in Paris but rather with some of his best shots under his arm and who knows, his camera in his bag. Norman Reedus presented his photo exhibition in Paris and was also entrusted to the microphone melty face his passion some fans were not aware. In addition to being a model, actor, motorcycle fan and rock’n’roll, Norman Reedus is a addict of the click! And to discover his works, is the gallery Hors-Champs in Paris that the actor chose. An appointment that should not be missed! And of course, melty was there and played a little game with Norman Reedus … Rather Rick or Negan?
In this season 7, the heart of the fans is shared between Rick, the leader since the beginning and Negan, the new big bad of the show. Even if the latter seems more than cruel, especially with his famous Lucille, he nevertheless conquered the fans who are under the spell. In our interview, the actor unveiled a little more about the fight vs Rick Negan but also the future of Daryl and especially that he hated this season 7 but the combative Daryl as we know it would soon take the top. What about Norman Reedus? Who prefers? Rick or Negan? The Daryl interpreter was also amused by this little game by throwing “you will attract me problems if I have to choose!” . Discover his answers in our video! And you, Rick or Negan?