The Walking Dead Season 7: Rick ready to face Negan in an explosive fanmade trailer!

Cinema 10 January, 2017

The wait is long until the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead and the fans compete of imagination to help us to wait with videos bluffantes.

Negan he will soon learn that Maggie is alive in season 7 of The Walking Dead ? How will he react? And how will Rick, Daryl and the others attack the unarmed Saviors? Many questions arise from the broadcast of the last episode of The Walking Dead and he’ll have to take our troubles patiently for the answers as the series returns in a little over a month on AMC. melty therefore continues to help you wait and today we invite you to discover a quite fantastic fanmade trailer that tease the rest of the season 7. Conducted by the Youtubeur tstudios, this trailer a few minutes takes scenes of all the Walking Dead season to symbolize strength and amazing resilience Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, Maggie and all the characters that we have seen grow and survive the seasons. It must be said that they all had to go through tougher tests than each other and that Negan only marks a new stage that they are preparing to cross together.
In addition to being a very nice tribute to the characters, the video is also an excellent teaser to give us more than ever to see what will happen in the second part of season 7. This trailer of well-paced fan place indeed the motto of the suite, “rise up” , in the heart of the video and raised the crescendo pressure to prepare for the confrontation taking place between Rick Grimes and Negan. But he particularly celebrates the strength of the group: his solidarity. Over the years the survivors are strongly attached to each other and that’s what allowed them to keep moving forward even in the most desperate situations . As the fans know, The Walking Dead remains a human series first and this is what emerges from the video. In short, we love it and we wanted to share it not only for its quality, but also for the message it conveys. Have to wait until February 12 to find out if this will be enough to overcome their Negan and to wait until then, it was already asked how 7 The Walking Dead season would end . What do you think of the video?