The Walking Dead Season 7: Season Finale, a new hearings failure for the series?

Cinema 4 April, 2017

Has Season 7 of The Walking Dead managed to climb the hearts with its Season Finale? Verdict!
This season has clearly not been a sinecure in terms of audiences! Difficult to excite the crowds with such slow and boring intrigues . As a result, the series fell sharply in our hearts and especially in terms of audiences. While last season’s Season Premiere set a record high by beating the 17 million viewers, tumbling down for the other episodes with scores of 10 to 12 million. So, with the Season Finale of Season 7, has The Walking Dead managed to seduce its fans and bring them back to their television sets? The suspense is at its height … To your forecasts!
Season 7 episode of The Walking Dead brought together 11.31 million viewers . A rather decent score when we see those of the other episodes, but terribly low compared to the Season Finale of season 6 that 14, 19 million followers had followed. This is no surprise when we see the many criticisms that this seventh season of The Walking Dead and the competitors of the series last Sunday night: Big Little Lies , Homeland and Black Sails . So, will the show zombiesque come to resume next year? Season 8 of The Walking Dead is already much more rhythmic , we believe!