The Walking Dead Season 7: Season Finale, the 5 key moments of the episode!

Cinema 3 April, 2017

While the season 7 of The Walking Dead has just ended on an epic Season Final, here are the 5 key moments of this episode long awaited by the fans!
An act of bravery! And yes the meltynauts, if we knew that the talented Sonequa Martin-Green was in danger of leaving the AMC flagship series since it was announced to the Star Trek Discovery cast , we had not imagined a single second that the character of Sasha would leave so heroically . But that’s not all, since this Season Finale was also the occasion for our fetish characters to finally pull back Negan. While Melty’s editor suggested discovering the cast’s confidences on Sasha’s unexpected death scene in Season 7 of The Walking Dead , let’s get back to the five key moments of the Season Finale.
The death of Sasha
If his disappearance should sadden the fans, they can at least be consoled with the beautiful exit door that the writers have reserved for him. Sasha has never let us down, and it took some bravery for her to take the famous poison of Eugene . Without the least weapon at her disposal to kill Negan, she decided to turn herself into a weapon. And even if it failed, it saved the life of Carl and the people of Alexandria. A heroic sacrifice that reminds us why we love The Walking Dead so much.
The Return of Abraham
If the scene was terribly painful to the heart as it played with our emotions and especially with the possibility that the strong man in the series could listen to Sasha instead of following Rick and moving towards her death she allowed us to see How much he loved Sasha. Much more serene than at the beginning, he had not lost his ardor or his courage. Two qualities that we also found happily with Sasha at the dawn of his death. More than ever, the shadow of Abraham and Glenn reigned over this episode when their vengeance finally began!
Dwight’s loyalty
Even if the fans of the comics knew that Dwight would decide to change camp, one can never be completely sure with the series. Fortunately, this Season Finale showed us that Dwight was on their side. With an Inside Man able to inform them of Negan’s smallest decisions, Rick and his allies can now concoct a plan much more serenely . Hopefully it will not get burned in the first episodes of season 8!
The Hill, The Kingdom and Alexandria united against Negan
We waited for that moment for the entire season. And it was perfect! Even if we do not quite understand how their timing can be as exceptional, this scene finally got the better of Negan’s eternal assurance. For the first time since the start of the season, it has receded against the strength of the three communities combined . A real happiness so much we were already emotionally reached by the death of Sasha and the betrayal of Jadis. Hopefully the pace will pick up in season 8.
The Tribute to Glenn
Maggie’s speech was as heart-rending as it was magnificent. So much has happened since the show’s first season that we sometimes forget that it’s Glenn’s decision to save Rick who started it all. Central and terribly human character, Glenn misses us enormously but he is saving to know that he will live eternally in Maggie and their child . He is the one who made our survivors a true family and we can never erase it from our memories. Waiting for more info, discover our review of episode 16 of season 7 of The Walking Dead on melty. What was your favorite moment in Season 7 of The Walking Dead?