The Walking Dead Season 7: Spencer he can take the place of Rick?

Cinema 18 November, 2016

Warning spoilers. Spencer can it take the place of Rick and become the leader of Alexandria? He’ll probably try for season 7 of The Walking Dead.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-spencer-rick-neganAttention, this article contains spoilers . In the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 7, Daryl and Rick secretly communicated ; this is certainly the thinking hard as iron fans of the AMC series! Now a prisoner of Negan Daryl could indeed be an interesting source of information for Rick. But would it Rick agrees to take the Saviors … This is not the order of the day, waiting to see how they go first to ally with Ezekiel and his fat cat! (Yes, Daryl risk of prisoner for long) By then, the survivors of Alexandria will be terrified, and probably doubt Rick skills as a leader. Someone might try to take his place, right? And if it was Spencer? The last of Monroe did not hide his concern at Rosita, he will perhaps begin to gather more survivors to her cause. Unless the series follows identical the comic book by Robert Kirkman, that is to say by killing Spencer’s hands Negan! Indeed, in the original comic, Spencer will conspire to Negan, against Rick. A treacherous act of cowardly of “small” as stated Rick in the last episode. Although it is not wrong, it’s not very nice. We all understood that Spencer is angry against Rick after their final verbal exchange below …
Asked by the website Comicbook , actor Austin Nichols found that Spencer has a big heart. “I really like because he actually enjoys her life and respects Rick. I think he wants to be a leader like Rick . ” According to him, it might even become a great chef! “His heart is in the right place. He wants to be a hero. He wants to help, he wants to do the right things. But it’s just too rushed.” And yes, Spencer awkward and sometimes dangerous, but the actor who interprets thinks he can still escape the fate that he provided the original work . “He just needs help. He needs a teacher, mentor. ” the question remains whether Spencer will choose a Rick Negan or mentor … Unfortunately for the chef apprentice in the comic book chief Saviours do not like drafts and, without thinking more, he pulls out a knife and opened her womb. An end of “small” for Spencer, but who deserves the glance! Also if you’re interested, we have decoded the secret message to Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 7 . Hopefully that character then survive long enough to uncover the rest of the information … It would be horrible and awesome he dies when it is released, or when he met Rick, or he escapes … in short, a beautiful death for Daryl please. and you, do you think Spencer can become a chef?