The Walking Dead Season 7: SPOILER Could Never Return!

Cinema 12 January, 2017

Just one month before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, news of an actor could be disturbing for his character …
There is some time, we wondered if we meet again in Heath 7 of The Walking Dead season and the more time passes, the less the answer seems obvious. Indeed, as some of you already know, actor Corey Hawkins was casted to play in the series 24: Legacy that will debut in February . But after the site Comicbook the The Walking Dead players are not allowed to be recurring actors in other series to avoid scheduling conflicts. Since Corey Hawkins appeared only sporadically in the series however, the actor may have managed to negotiate with the channel to continue the two series. Yet even he does not seem convinced. “I’ve talked a lot with Scott Gimple (the showrunner editor) and he was really nice and we tried to see where Heath was headed, but you know, professional plans are what they are and we do not decide not always everything. So at the moment we are open to everything and I would just say that there is always a possibility ” .
A possibility for his return is therefore conceivable but not certain either since it will depend a lot on the different shooting for both series. Yet the way Heath disappeared was quite mysterious since he was last seen helping Tara escape walkers on a bridge in episode 6. Tara then found some clues, including glasses Of Heath, a card with the letters “PPP” and a tire brand. All indications kidnapping and writers could therefore decide qu’Heath was done without ever kill off-screen to have to show it again . It is hoped however that they will opt for another solution as far as possible since the character of Heath, very present in the comics, has not really been exploited in the series. In short, no definitive answer has yet been given on the presence of Heath in the suite and especially in season 8 since season 7 has already been shot. One thing is for sure, Corey Hawkins is likely to have much less time now that he plays for another series. While waiting to learn more, you can relive the episode 1 through video scenes of the season premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead. What do you think ?