The Walking Dead Season 7: “The death SPOILER will be devastating for Eugene” according to Josh McDermitt

Cinema 14 November, 2016

While 7 of The Walking Dead season continues tonight on AMC, Josh McDermitt returns to the reaction of his Eugene character after the death of spoiler.
The episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead will air tonight on AMC and a few hours later on OCS and helps you to wait until then with a new interview. These are the words of Josh McDermitt, aka Eugene Porter, which reveals you as the actor spoke to PopSugar of what awaits her character now that one of his closest friends died at the hands of Negan. The Eugene plot is indeed closely linked to that of Abraham, and we already know that it may have trouble rely . “It was devastating to Eugene. He will have to rebuild and think about who it is and if it is truly a survivor and there happen to be one in this new world ” . It must be said that the protecting and making the road with him, Abraham had given Eugene a sense of security to the point that he considered a brother. “I think that Eugene had not too much friends before the Apocalypse or so virtual friends. It was really close to Abraham and this kind of tragedy would be upsetting to anyone. ”
Because there is no death of Glenn that will mark the survivors and the absence of Abraham could be the catalyst for exciting developments for Eugene but not only. Until recently, Christian Serratos trusted in effect this would have meant Rosita Abraham in 7 of The Walking Dead season if he was not dead and it is certain that the young woman to find herself as transformed by the death of her former boyfriend. It is possible that Eugene and Rosita approach a bit since it is they who know best Abraham. Moreover Josh McDermitt had tease the new meeting with Eugene Negan nothing really revealing . “Negan is part of our world now. .. I will say that Eugene will be in Alexandria, and Negan come visit us. I will not say anything else ” . Are we to understand that something will happen during their second meeting? Patience, it remains to wait longer before you find out … What do you think about Eugene McDermitt?