The Walking Dead Season 7: The filming is finished!

Cinema 19 November, 2016

While we are about to discover episode 5 of The Walking Dead, the shooting of season 7 is finished!

westworld-saison-1-episode-8-spoilers-videoEnd Clap! As we discover this Sunday on the US cable channel AMC , episode 5 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, which is revealed in the first excerpt Carl Enid confides in the death of Glenn , the last current season scenes are being filmed. Indeed, Scott Simple, the showrunner, said that the shooting of the sixteenth episode of the seventh season was held yesterday. He states: “We have made our last day of production there are always excesses and unknowns that can happen but this is the last official day of production..” Like every year, the seventh season of The Walking Dead experience a break in mid-season with its final mid-season that will air on December 9 . Historically, the show then returns around the weekend of Valentine’s Day.
Note that the wait will be less difficult this year than in previous years since shorter. Indeed, the season 7 began later than usual. On the second part of this round of episodes, the showrunner said that: . “The atmosphere of the 7B is very different from the atmosphere of the 7A The end of 7B is really different from the 7A ” . Note that the titles and synopses of episodes 7 and 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, we rapportions you offer us many details about what lies ahead. Indeed, we will see a new community adds to the whole, that an important person could die and that communities will gather against Negan . we can not wait! What do you want to see in season 7 of The Walking Dead?