The Walking Dead Season 7: The Future of Daryl, The Negan Fight vs. Rick … Norman Reedus tells us everything! (EXCLUDED)

Cinema 19 December, 2016

After the release of the final midseason of The Walking Dead a few days ago, many questions trotted in the minds of fans … went to meet Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon, who confided in this Beginning of season 7 and the future of our heroes!
Daryl is in Paris! A rare but the editorial ‘of melty has not failed, Norman Reedus went over to Paris during a few short days this week. The actor we know for his role as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead has more than one trick in his bag as he is also a photographer! This is the opening of his exhibition “The sun’s coming up … Like a big bald head” in Paris, where he caused a riot, Norman Reedus was passing and for the occasion, he agreed to Answer some questions about The Walking Dead and especially Season 7! While the final midseason of this season was broadcast last week, it marks a turning point for the heroes of the series. After facing the tornado that is Negan, it’s time for Rick, Daryl, Carl and others to fight! And if we believe Norman Reedus, that’s what they plan to do at all costs …

Let’s talk about Season 7 of The Walking Dead which is an important turning point for your character, how did you prepare to play such a submissive man?
Norman Reedus: It was hard for me. Season 7 is a tough season for all of us, the group is not together, look at Daryl, he was cut off from everything. Someone took his clothes, another his crossbow, another his motorcycle, it is naked a good part of the time. Season 7 is a tough season for me and hard to film. I hated it, I really hated it. But I had to hate her. I talked to our showrunner and I said, “I hate this season” and he replied: “You’re supposed to hate” . I said, ” But I’m miserable” and he said “You’re supposed to be” . He also told me “You take a hero in a series, the more you put in the lowest and highest you can bring them back to the top again,” and that’s what we do.
And so, what can we expect from your character for the resumption of the series in February?
Norman Reedus: It will send any file, there will be fighting. He is angry.
We hope to see him fight again!
Norman Reedus: Oh yes he will fight, we will soon go back to that.
Melty: Why do you think our heroes finally decided to revolt at the end of the final midseason?
Norman Reedus: I think it is time. Daryl was in this prison thinking he deserved it, he did not fight. He thought it was his fault, because of Glenn’s death, he thinks it’s his fault. He went there without any resistance. And some things happened, he saw Carl and began to say “Fuck it, you have to fight” . And I think he does not believe that others have the same desire to fight. Take a gun and resume his attitude “Hey man, you have to fight” was a major part of its storyline. For them all because Rick either did not want to fight. No one wanted to fight, they thought they could not win. This episode of season 7 where they all come together is important, if we die then die but do not live like that, we have to fight.
You think Rick and Daryl are going to beat Negan?
Norman Reedus: Oh yes!
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For Norman, Rick and Daryl will beat Negan!
What is your best memory of the first part of this season 7?
Norman Reedus: There is no good memories for this season. But there are some things that happened in the backstages, which were fine. You see some meetings of certain characters that we wanted to see together. But in the first part of the season … I really did not like anything. I hated this first part of the season. But you know, entering a completely bare stage, with some guys, you take off your clothes in front of everyone and you see them in fashion “Ahum” and look away. It was fun. Because I was really completely naked. I think they thought I was going to wear a men’s bikini or something like that, but no, nothing at all! To watch their faces completely shocked, it was so fun. Other than this little story, I really did not like this first part of the season.
Since the beginning of the series, many characters have been killed, such as Beth, Laurie, Glenn, Hershel, Abraham … From a professional and personal point of view, what was the most difficult death for you in all Series? Who did you feel closest to?
Norman Reedus: The hardest death for me in the series was that of Hershel. Because I loved Scott, I liked spending time with him. The death of Emily (Beth) was also very difficult for me. When we shot it, I cried, I cried, I cried so much. And people walked around me, I could see their feet walking. I was crying, I was crying, I did not want to start crying during the scene where I was holding it, I wanted to show that I was on the verge of tears but with the time it happened. So I cried and cried again. I saw the feet of the people with whom I worked, no one bored me, nobody made fun of me, nobody made me feel strange. They let me cry, because everybody on the team believes in the series and they were kind “Let us do what it should do” . But it was hard for me, I loved him very much. I had to be ready to do it. The death of Merle too, killing my brother was hard. All the dead in this series are difficult, you become a family when you work all the time together. How did you find this first part of the season?