The Walking Dead Season 7: The future of Rick, the impending war, Ezekiel, … Andrew Lincoln tease on!

Cinema 14 December, 2016

While the first part of the 7 of The Walking Dead season just ended on AMC, Andrew Lincoln took advantage of an interview with the site The Hollywood Reporter to confide!
How will evolve Rick? And yes meltynautes, our favorite leader has finally understood that it was time to fight and try to break free from the influence of Negan. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our critique of episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead , know that Andrew Lincoln took advantage of an interview with the site The Hollywood Reporter to entrust the future Rick. First, know that Rick really became aware of the situation now: “. These first episodes were really a way for Rick to understand that their situation was untenable Negan The Saviors will never let up and they will continue all take them until nothing left. They will lie and terrorize the community tirelessly. He understood all this! ” Moreover, the actor returned to the famous cell constructed by Morgan in Alexandria and the pep talk that is directed at that time : “It was in the script they were in the cell for this speech. I think Rick is trying to find some kind of balance after a traumatic day. Morgan was always the voice of reason and it was he who created the cell. it is as if Rick had contacted a old friend to find a balance. whether it can or not, I do not know if it presages a potential victory against Saviors and capture Negan. But if that were the case, it would be very cool. ”
Andrew Lincoln was then entrusted to the change of mindset Rick: “Rick saw his pride away from him in the last eight episodes last season, you saw a man who was at the height of his power and. of his pride which call into question his judgment. what you’ll see in the second part of season 7 is a more compassionate man, a leader more attentive and diplomat, someone who is more careful, freer and brighter than ever . ” But then, what does he think of King Ezekiel? “I can not tell you what he thinks, but you’ll see very quickly. We spent a good part of the season to create a world and you have had time to become familiar with this new world. But the second part of the season will be the opposite of that. in addition, we have the chance to see some members of the new group together. ” That’s what we put the mouth water!
On the other hand, Andrew Lincoln was asked about the identity of the mysterious person who constantly monitors our favorite band : “I will tell you anything but I can still say that the rest of the season moves very quickly lot. intrigue will be covered and you will find out very quickly who this mysterious person. ” Finally, what will happen when Morgan and Carol will learn the death of Glenn? Will they have more desire to fight? “I know Carol seemed very different and it is much isolated in the first part of the season and Morgan has already expressed his feelings about the way Rick leads the troops. I think it will have an especially emotional impact on them as was the case for the other characters. ” One thing is certain, we wait to see the rest! Pending more information, see the reactions of users about episode 8 of 7 The Walking Dead season melty. What do you think of these confidences?