The Walking Dead Season 7: Theories, Spoilers, Deaths … we take stock of the news of the final season!

Cinema 3 April, 2017

The last episode of season 7 is coming and it’s time for a little recap of everything we already know about “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”. Attention, BIG SPOILERS!
The seventh season of our favorite zombie series ends this evening and we continue to help you wait until then. While we were just offering a small list of things we would like to see in the season finale season 7 of The Walking Dead , it is now to the different spoilers on the episode that we are interested . Warning, that those who do not want to be spoiler go their way since we will unveil some of the intrigues of the final season . Let’s start with the dead since it is a quasi-certainty – almost since we are never safe from a surprise and none of our information has been confirmed by AMC. Tonight, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) should leave us quite surprisingly.
On the side of the dead of important characters it seems that it is everything and that the other victims are “simply” due to the war that Rick and Negan are going to indulge. In any case, one of the Saviors may be shredded by Shiva, Ezekiel’s tigress, who is anxious to see in action. As for the theories, it’s been some time since some fans are wondering if Jadis is not going to betray Rick to finally side with Negan . Indeed TSDF has already given some information that Jadis would return his jacket during the visit of Negan and thus put Carl and Rick in danger, which would then be saved by Shiva.
Finally on the side of the spoilers and in addition to what you have already revealed, it is known thanks to Andrew Lincoln that Rick will offer us a superb speech to motivate Michonne, Daryl, Carl and the others to fight against Negan. Despite a little expressive nature, Rick has always been a very good speaker who knows how to find the right words to touch his friends. One can therefore expect a powerful speech that should resonate in each of the survivors and that could even become an iconic scene of The Walking Dead . It seems that all of Rick’s “family” is not gathered for this speech or that despite the latter, Eugene decides to return with Negan once Alexander, Hilltop and the Kingdom have succeeded in pushing back their assailants. Eugene s’ Is it definitely ranked on the Savior side or will it surprise us in the next season? We’ll know soon enough. Patience, more than a few hours until the broadcast of episode 16 of season 7 of The Walking Dead . What do you think ?