The Walking Dead Season 7 VS Westword: War hearings!

Cinema 18 November, 2016

The war of hearings is declared! The HBO series Westworld she steals spectators that AMC The Walking Dead Season 7?

westworld-saison-1-episode-8-spoilers-videoAttention, even if this article speaks of hearing and there is no revelation in the hearings, this article contains spoilers anyway. You have been warned . Last night, we wondered if Spencer can take the place of Rick in season 7 of The Walking Dead , but if producers follow the original comic book, the last of Monroe will end badly! On the other hand, it seems that many viewers will care more for everything. Indeed, the hearings of the AMC series continue to fall since the horrific and controversial deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Not only TWD loses the characters, but it also loses fans! According to the site Moviefone , it is possible that the HBO series Westworld there is something for … Analysts have noted that the hearings of a decrease while those of the other continue to grow. War is declared !

Maybe TWD disappointed or disgusted some fans, but it is also likely they watch the series shifted rather than live (and are recorded hearings) . But Westworld showed us in one season she could do match for other series that dominate the hearings for so many years. Recently, the HBO series has made about her in the last episode, a scene from Westworld who cry the fans of Game of Thrones . Melty on the AMC series won the world cup series face GOT , but she will match for Westworld that continues to draw crowds? Waiting to see if the end of the first season is up! The next episodes of both series will be broadcast next Sunday. And you, do you think American audiences to abandon TWD Westworld?