The Walking Dead Season 7: Where is Jesus? Tom Payne responds!

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Several days after the broadcast of episode 7 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, Tom Payne answers the question we ask ourselves all: where is Jesus?

The Walking Dead season 7 continues and while we wondered what little there was to happen in episode 8 is another question that answers now. Following the release of “Sing Me A Song”, we were many to wonder where was Jesus at the end of the episode. Indeed it seeps into the sanctuary on the roof of a truck and Daryl has just time to notice it before it disappears. Tom Payne tried to say a little more without spoiler later in an interview with Comicbook . “It is no longer on the truck. It can not be 36 different locations because it does not have much choice. I think you had to see that Daryl seen there, and Jesus sees the also so he knows it’s there, and perhaps he will try to help, we’ll see ” . Indeed after Daryl has received a note with a key, a match and a chance to escape, some wondered if Jesus was originally.
Tom Payne replied without answering by simply saying: “Ah, I can only say maybe” before adding “I wish he could do that too” . Just knowing him obviously knows … The actor anyway kindly reveal that Jesus would be in all cases around the Sanctuary . But the plot of his character is not the only one to fascinate since, as he also wait to see what will happen to the other characters, including Rick. “I’m anxious to see how Rick will react when he comes back and he sees Negan Judith” . And he’s not alone. Although Rick has managed to keep calm so far, one wonders if seeing her little girl with the psychopath what Negan will not wake her survival instincts and does not risk making a mistake .. . Until we find out, discover about Chandler Riggs who explained why Carl respected Negan in season 7 of the Walking Dead . What do you think about Tom Payne?