The Walking Dead Season 7: Where SPOILER?

Cinema 7 December, 2016

While we have somewhat followed his journey in episode 7 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, see where SPOILER!

Each his way! For fans of comics, it is common knowledge that Jesus has real talent for fighting in close combat, but the episode 7 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, for which we offer our criticism aired this week- end on AMC , proved he was also good at disappearing. Indeed, the big question about now is where he is! When we see Carl and truck Negan leave the Sanctuary, Jesus is lying on top of it and it seems clear that he is trying to ensure that Carl is out of danger and no Savior sees the . Then the truck stops, Negan talks to Dwight and Daryl and the vehicle off again, but this time, the camera shows that Jesus is not there. When you think a moment, there are only two places where he could go. First, the most obvious answer is that Jesus reached the back of the truck. While Negan spoke to Daryl, he managed to sneak the roof to open the back door and enter. He would have had to be extremely discreet and a good dose of strength, but Jesus has the capabilities. This possibility makes sense, and it would mean that he is trying to protect Carl . Starting with Negan it can constantly keep an eye on the son of Rick.
The only downside of this theory is that Jesus was not seen in Alexandria later. Even if he wanted to stay hidden, he would probably have informed someone in the community he was there. This leads to the second scenario, which is certainly the most likely: Jesus has infiltrated the Sanctuary . Some of Saviors could probably recognize him, but he is a master of disguise and mystery. With Negan far, it is reasonable to think that he could act as a civil lambda once inside the complex. That would give him a thorough knowledge of which Rick needs to defeat Negan while respecting the promise he made to Sasha. If Jesus is inside the sanctuary, it gives weight to another theory that we particularly like: Jesus is the one who gave Daryl note with the key of the motorcycle. While many speculate that Sherry could be the one that helps Daryl to escape, there is a good chance that he has a true ally inside the walls of the Sanctuary! Recently, we revealed if Carl would be present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead! Or is Jesus to you?