The Walking Dead Season 7: Who was spying on Rick, Aaron and Alexandria? Finally an answer!

Cinema 4 January, 2017

A little more than a month before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, one could finally have the answer on the mysterious observer of the final mid-season.
The questions and answers continue until 12 February and then we wondered if there is little Sherry was partial to Daryl in season 7 of The Walking Dead , now is a possible answer they bring through the spoilers the Spoiling Dead fans . So that those who do not want to know about the continuation of the season stop reading here since we will unveil some of the intrigues that await us. As you know, or a mysterious (is) unknown (e) has appeared in the final mid-season twice . The character in question was seen watching Rick and Aaron during their refueling mission and then again at the end of the episode, after the credits, dragging around Alexandria. The only clue is a pair of boots, and many of us were asking whether it could be Dwight, an Oceanside resident, or someone we did not know before.
Well, once is not custom, the Spoiling Dead Fans site has answers for us thanks to the many shooting photos provided by the fans this summer. According to them, the boot could belong to a member of a new community called the “Garbage Kids” or literally children dustbins . They would live in a landfill and should arrive in episode 9 through a meeting with Rick, which is consistent with Robert Kirkman’s statement that we will know who owns the boot when the series returns. According to the different information of the shooting, it would be an enemy group that would attack the group of Alexandria, or at least in the beginning. Spoilers on the first mid-season also explain that Michonne, Tara, Rosita and Aaron would be present also . So who are these mysterious children? And what do they want to the group of Alexandria? Probably their resources, but hopefully they could become allies in the future. Until we know if it’s in one of them belongs the boot episode 8, we listed you the deadliest characters in season 7 of The Walking Dead . And you, what do you think of this info?