The Walking Dead Season 7: Who will betray Rick in the next episodes?

Cinema 21 January, 2017

One month before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, one can already expect a reversal of situation in the next episodes!
The wait continues until 12 February and then we wondered yesterday if Alpha is present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead , back to season 7 and we reserve the next episodes. Watch out for spoilers if you do not want to know it at all. Recently, AMC unveiled the official synopsis of the second part of the season and the central information was the war against Negan and the efforts of Rick and others to defeat him. But the synopsis also explained that a betrayal from someone you trust would take place . In an interview with Comicbook , actor Lennie James plays Morgan Jones told a little more about this betrayal. “It’s pretty obvious that we are preparing to fight and those who have read the comics know that it will last for a while. I do not know if it will last so long in the series, but it is quite long in comics. and the second part shows the encounter new characters and situations that will tell us what side everybody is, but it will be much less clear than we can think ” .
Suffice to say that some will not know where to stand too but we could have some surprises … “There are some who join the dark side, so we did not expect it. And others that will place the good side, but it’s all a question of perspective ” . Gregory’s name immediately comes first in terms of characters who might betray Rick, but has he ever really been an ally? Not really … With characters like Morgan, Carol or Daryl who now have roles that no longer really exist in comics, the questions are many even if we already suspect that Daryl would do nothing that could do Harm to Rick. Rest with all the characters that are now part of the series, the possibilities are not missing this … Until we know a little more on this story, see the leadeuse a new community in a teasée Photo of season 7 of the Walking Dead ! And you, do you know who could betray Rick?