The Walking Dead Season 7: Why is she once so good an antagonist?

Cinema 3 July, 2017

Months before season 8 of The Walking Dead, Pollyanna McIntosh unveils the assets of Jadis.

The zombies return in a few months to AMC and while you were unveiled recently what was going to happen in the season premiere of season 8 of The Walking Dead, today it is to one of its antagonists that ” We will be interested. In season 7, we had the pleasure – or not – of getting to know Jadis, the leader of the Garbage Kids, who allied with Rick before betraying him to side with Negan. In an interview for CinemaBlend, her interpreter Pollyanna McIntosh confided in what made her such a bad guy. According to her, her highest quality remains her ability to adapt.

“She adapts very easily, I think it is her greatest strength and that is why she is where she is, she has a lot of presence of mind and she can easily assimilate a lot of” To make the best decision possible that others might not dare to take. She is also a very good leadeuse and the people who follow her trust her because she has proved her times. ” As for trust, the same can not be said of Rick after the treason he suffered. But since Pollyanna McIntosh was promoted regular for the sequel, we already know that we have not finished seeing his bad shots. While waiting to know if she will stay on the side of Negan, you can vote every day for The Walking Dead HERE and Facebook in our 2017 World Cup!