The Walking Dead Season 7: Why Negan he forced Rick to hold Lucille?

Cinema 17 November, 2016

A few days after the broadcast of episode 4 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, return on “Service” and why Rick Lucille obediently held throughout the episode.

the-walking-dead-saison-7-episode-5-episodeThe 7 of The Walking Dead season continues and while we wondered yesterday if the end was near and so Judith could be heroin , today we return Episode 4 aired last Sunday on AMC. In “Service”, Negan asked Rick to keep his bat Lucille throughout the episode and executive producer David Alpert has said more about this act in an interview with Comicbook . “I think Negan wants the challenger as a dog trainer. It’s a little history of its domination and see the submission in Rick’s eyes, this is what he said” . Negan but did not wait to get to Alexandria to make it clear to Rick that was the master, it is a small game that he set up at their meeting in the last episode of season 6 and especially in the season premiere of season 7. in place of her precious Lucille, Negan had used an object another: the hatchet Rick.
“When he put the ax on the table of the motorhome and he taunted Rick to come and take to kill him, he knows he can not do anything. It’s just what he does with Lucille ” I leave you with my bat and I turn my back on you but you’re not going to hit me and it will do you understand that you are no longer the alpha ‘ ” . Yet the writers have very keen to show that Rick hesitated and he obviously thought about smashing the skull of Negan thus turned his back without worry . In any case it is clear that the technique Negan walking since it is a subject that Rick never more we saw in “Service”, constantly apologizing thoughtless acts of his comrades or their provocations and taking on him to no reply to the insulting remarks of Negan. The question is whether this game will last a long time or if Rick’s leadership instincts resume on top sooner than expected … While waiting to see what will happen afterwards, discover why the hearings of the season 7 The Walking Dead are down on melty. And you, what did you think?