The Walking Dead Season 7: Will Enid betray Rick and the others to sell them to Negan? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 11 January, 2017

The continuation of the season 7 of The Walking Dead is precise and it would seem that a betrayal is taking shape on the horizon …

The news about the result and continue to fall after you released the synopsis and promotional photos of upcoming episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead , we look at a particular photo to wonder about a possible betrayal … As emphasizes the synopsis released by AMC , a betrayal on the part of person (s) will be held in confidence as a result, and this information linked to the group photo at Hilltop aroused our suspicions. Indeed on the photo you can see below, Rick, Daryl, Jesus, Maggie, Michonne and the others are all in the Hill and they all looking towards Enid facing them (except Rosita) . Their accusing glances and the aesthetics of the photo that clearly shows that Enid is at the center of attention could they mean that the girl has just done something that betrayed their trust? Or is Enid simply condemned to arouse our curiosity because of her mysterious past?
Indeed it is not the first time that the girl is suspected of treason since rumors on its membership of the group of Wolves then Saviors circulated on the web some time ago. So could she really be on the side of the Saviors? Not impossible, but unlikely anyway, especially after what Negan made to Enid Glenn which was very close . Watch out for spoilers on the US comics in the sequel. The betrayal in question could come from other characters and there is no guarantee that it will be against Rick. We think, for example, of the change of camp of Dwight in the comics which ends up giving information useful to Rick and the others to fight against Negan. It may also be that everyone is watching Enid because she is announcing a new one, whether good or bad. In short, at least among melty we hope that the girl is still much of the “good” side and waiting to know more, we wondered if The Walking Dead would be sanctioned for cutting Glenn of the dead and Abraham early in the season 7 . And you what do you think ?