The Walking Dead Season 7B: What will happen in future episodes?

Cinema 12 December, 2016

While the first part of the 7 of The Walking Dead season has just ended, we are already wondering what awaits us in future episodes.

That’s it, the wait started until next February and the return of Rick and company on our small screens. So we wondered there is little if Daryl would be different in the next few episodes of season 7 of The Walking Dead , we continue to help you to wait with even some speculation afterwards. The promo video for the second half of the season allows us to know a little of what we can expect the resumption of the series and one word seems to sum it all up: confrontation. As you can see (again) below, having joined Hilltop to share Maggie to her desire to go on the attack, it is with the Kingdom that will soon Rick ally . The question is how the group will learn of the Ezekiel community and if the king will agree to join their cause – even if we know that Richard is more than ready.
The alliance between the three communities also means that Rick will finally recover and Carol Morgan and probably tell them the bad news about Glenn and Abraham. It is hoped that this will push Carol wanting to return to his group after all this time to want to be alone to try somehow to make peace with herself . Knowing that Negan showed much violence could possibly push Morgan to want to put the offensive side for once despite his remarks to Richard in episode 8. The latter could also have a big role in the result since it seems to have a little hideaway in the woods with what looks like explosive material and scriptwriters the Walking Dead were keen to emphasize in his absence in the rest of the episode. His equipment could be the beginning of rearmament that Rick is likely to start in search of weapons and ways to fight upon the return of the series.
Indeed his time could be counted since already expects a vengeance from Negan when he learns that Daryl ran away and he killed “Fat Joe”. The pace of future episodes may therefore be somewhat supported the first part of the season and should also have its share of victims . The possibility of reviewing Oceanside may be considered in later if Tara finally admits that female warriors have a gun well supplied although it is hoped that the two communities will come to an agreement. Finally, and as might suggest the scene of episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, in which Rick and Aaron points out , the rest of the season we could introduce a new group of villains: the Whisperers / Whisperers . Patience will have to wait until February 12 before you actually know what the next episodes we reserve. And you, what do you expect from the rest of the season?