The Walking Dead season 8: 3 things we will not see if there is a leap in time

Cinema 16 April, 2017

While it will take several months before discovering season 8 of The Walking Dead, we already know that some elements of the plot could be cut in case of flashforward.
October is still a long way off and Andrew Lincoln ‘s promises and a premiere season more exciting than ever for Season 8 of The Walking Dead do not really help us to be patient. Melty continues to reveal the details of the sequel to get the time faster. Watch out for spoilers from the comics that appeared in the US in the sequel. We’ve already talked about a jump in time in the rest of the series and it seems to be true . Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick, has already stated that “maybe in some episodes there will be a flashforward” . The showrunner Scott Gimple has only confirmed this: “The people who read the comics will expect it. We follow the comics with some variations. But I find that some things happen during this jump in time and which are referred to later which are very interesting. So maybe we’ll see some of these things, maybe it will not be the same flashforward as in the comics . ” Whatever may be an advance in time is almost safe and it could make us miss three Elements in particular.
The first thing we would probably not see – and that would make life easier for the production team and Lauren Cohan – would be the continuation of Maggie’s pregnancy and childbirth. In the comics, the arrival of the baby of Glenn and Maggie is not shown and the little Hershel is thus already in the world when the comic resumes. A fictional pregnancy in a series is never obvious and even less in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies . So it is imagined that if the writers can arrange for the delivery to take place during a jump in time, that is what will happen. That said, a young baby in The Walking Dead remains as complex, evidence are the very brief appearances of Judith in the series lately. The second thing we could not see is Carol. In comics, Carol dies while in the series, she seems to recuperate some of Michonne’s plot – which comes close to Ezekiel and seeks how to survive without killing.
During the comic flashforward, Carol, like Michonne’s comics, may once again go out to find peace and head for Oceanside where she would adopt a more peaceful lifestyle. We admit that the idea of ​​seeing Carol still get away from the group does not delight us and we hope she will have another intrigue in the sequel . Finally, the third thing that could only be quickly shown is the reconstruction of a societal system once the war against the Saviors is over – and won. In the comics, Rick took advantage of this victory to lay new foundations of civilization, including commercial exchanges with Hilltop and the Kingdom or to establish laws against murders. The symbol ” Evolution of mentalities will be embodied by Negan whom Rick prefers to lock up in prison rather than kill. In short, things go well during the jump in time but it is very possible that on small screens also all this is passed over in silence. Waiting to know if there will be a flashforward and what we will not see, we listed for you the 3 biggest problems of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ? We have listed for you the 3 biggest problems of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ? We have listed for you the 3 biggest problems of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ?