The Walking Dead Season 8: A big leap in time to foresee?

Cinema 2 February, 2017

A few days before the return of season 7 of The Walking Dead, we are already wondering how is going to be the season 8.
Only a few days before the release of the season 7B of The Walking Dead which, hopefully, we offer touching moments to compensate for a season premiere of which will always be remembered. To wait until February 12, we continue to question the continuation with today new speculation on season 8. Watch out for spoilers coming from the comics published in the United States in the next lines, that those who want nothing Know their way. As readers know, following the adventures of Rick Grimes will take a turn after the war against Negan and Saviors . For a new enemy awaits them: the Whisperers / Whisperers and Alpha at their head. But before meeting this strange group hiding behind zombie skins, there is a long time in the comic book of Robert Kirkman and one wonders whether the writers will follow this pattern.
After the war against the Saviors which will be won by Rick and his group, a great ellipse takes place in the comics and it is stable and reconstructed communities that are thus found in Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom. When the history of The Walking Dead resumes, we also discovered that Rick and Negan are more or less allies since Negan should result in helping Rick to fight against the Whisperers. In short, to say that things will undoubtedly change a lot during this leap in time, and we have only to ask if the same thing awaits us in the series. If the writers decide to show the reconstruction of Alexandria and the redemption of Negan, this would leave them free rein since all this is not really shown in the comics . On the other hand, it would probably add a good season to the series and delay the much anticipated and already teased Whisperers. Suffice to say that it seems more likely for that indeed an ellipse takes place between season 7 and season 8 or in the season 8 of The Walking Dead . And you what do you think ?