The Walking Dead Season 8: A main character in danger?

Cinema 5 April, 2017

War is declared in season 8 of The Walking Dead! What if one of our heroes did not get along?
Well, we’re not going to lie, Season 7 of The Walking Dead was far from perfect ! But despite everything, we remain faithful to the series and we believe in it, season 8 will catch up with all the mistakes of last year. The producers and actors of the show zombiesque have already started to teaser something very heavy for the season to come. When we find our heroes next October, the war between Rick and Negan will be officially declared and one of the main characters is likely to find itself in the middle of the fire … Our good old Eugene! What will happen to him in the next episodes of The Walking Dead ?
Asked about the future of Eugene, showrunner Scott Gimple explained : “He said before everyone that he was now Negan, he has not yet managed to find the strength to overcome his fear, Sasha intervention. I think it clearly does not feel good for him, the point of no return. But maybe with all that Sasha told him, his courage might wake up … ” . Will Eugene become a real enemy for his former allies? One thing is certain, Rick was ready to sacrifice it at the Season Finale and we suspect that their next reunion could take a very – very tragic turn for Eugene. Will it be the ” One of the victims of season 8 of The Walking Dead ? If he does not quickly find the reason (and his cojones) we are afraid that yes …