The Walking Dead Season 8: Another main character absent from the first episodes!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

It continues and after the possible absence of Negan or Rosita in some episodes, find out which other character might miss the call!
Some time ago you were told that Rosita could be absent from the first episodes of season 8 of The Walking Dead since actress Christian Serratos gave birth recently – congratulations to her! Today is another possible absence that we will talk to you: that of Danai Gurira, aka Michonne. Indeed the actress is part of the cast of the blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War . Although Marvel’s film studios are also located in Georgia, where The Walking Dead is filmed , Michonne could still be absent from a few episodes of Season 8. His character was seriously injured during his confrontation with Follower of Jadis in the final season.
Even if it would have been rather risky on the part of the screenwriters, they still played on the possible death of Michonne for a few minutes, going as far as to make believe to Rick and Carl that she had been defeated. But luckily, it is indeed Michonne who won the duel even if it is in a pitiful state that find Carl and Rick . His convalescence will allow him not to be part of the groups that will launch to the assault of the Saviors and Garbage People of Jadis since it is the war that is prepared in the next episodes. Anyway we already know that Michonne will miss us if it is not part of certain episodes of season 8 but The Walking Dead used to juggle between its actors. In the meantime, Other characters will miss the call, do not hesitate to vote for The Walking Dead to win the 2017 World Cup ! What do you think ?