The Walking Dead Season 8: Carl he will be there? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 6 December, 2016

As we approach the mid-season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, one begins to wonder seriously if Carl will be present in Season 8. Explanations.
Sunday night, the final mid-season of Season 7 of The Walking Dead will air on AMC. With the approach of the fateful date, the tension and the future of some characters in brackets. We also asked who would die in episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead . But before all things, we turn (already) going ahead and speculate on the eighth chapter of the series by Robert Kirkman. Indeed, in early November, I young actor announced he had been accepted into the university of their choice . Soon, fans were asked about the presence of the actor in the next season of the show. So Carl he will be present in Season 8 of The Walking Dead?
For now, the actor has not wanted to reveal whether a contract for season 8 was signed. If this is the case, we can be reassured on one point: the shooting of the first part of the season takes place partly in summer. Like this year, it is likely that the episodes are shot in the disorder which would give the opportunity to the player to appear in the major episodes . At worst, the writers may take the decision to kill the character during the mid-season finale of season 8! Unless it disappears in the second half of the season 7 … But let’s not pessimistic, especially the relationship Carl / Negan, a strong element of comics, waiting to be explored in depth.
In any case, Chandler Riggs, there is no picture: he wants to combine a student’s life and an actor . He stated: “I hope I can do both I love being on the show, but I also like playing video games with my friends I try to be as normal as normal and go.. the university would be an experience to do in my life […] in theory, I will try to follow one or two classes on campus and perhaps follow online. my teachers have the last word, but I think it is possible ” . One thing is certain in any case: Following the Carl plot in the comics is promising.
Indeed, after being “retained” by Negan in episode 7 and 8 next episode, it will be finally released. In the BD, the son of Rick will then lead alongside Michonne and thereafter commit a mistake by pulling Negan, which will really angry. Many fans know the late events: Negan will finally captured by Rick and his group, but oddly, Carl became the confidant of the latter, although his desire to see death more than any will remain intact . The question is whether or not the series will follow this guideline and the decision of Chandler Riggs stop the series probably will have a huge impact on the latter. See you Sunday for episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead ! Carl he will be present in Season 8, according to you?